• Our surfaces are cleaned using an isopropyl alcohol blend

  • Our floors are cleaned using a blend of water, white vinegar, and soap

  • Our linen is laundered by a professional launderer using industry standard protocols

  • Props used during treatment are placed beneath the sheet to avoid patient contact, laundered, or  wiped clean between patients using isopropyl blend.

  • Our dishes are sprayed with the isopropyl alcohol blend, then soaked and washed in hot soapy water, then left to air dry

  • Our washroom keys are cleaned daily

  • We clean our cell-phones (used to receive payments) & keyboards using isopropyl alcohol blend 

Extra precautions

When we commence practice again, we will continue to follow the guidelines set out by our associations and Health Canada recommendations.

We had already created an invite for guests to use our staffroom to wash their hands upon arriving in the space.

We have an ear thermometer with disposable tips to rule out fever, a contraindication for treatment.

We are looking into making masks available for our clients and practitioners.

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