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Online Feldenkrais® Series By Erica Trivett


Tuesdays, Wednesday, & Thursdays at 10:00am PST

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These lessons are currently free but donations will gladly be accepted by e-transfer or paypal





To participate in the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education, please read the following instructions.


That information is also in this video:



The Zoom-link to register can be found at the bottom of this page.



Ensure you have an internet connection and that your device is close so you may hear the audio clearly. 


When you join the meeting your audio and video are disabled: 

This means I can't see you or hear you. You can control this yourself, and as host I can control ONLY your mute function. As an instructor is it helpful, but not mandatory, that I see you as best as possible. That being said you don't need to fuss about your camera during the lesson. 


The lessons will be approximately 60 minutes followed by a 10 minute discussion about the lesson. This is when you can ask questions. If you are REALLY stuck during the lesson, yes, you can un-mute yourself and ask. 


I will be organizing this class on a weekly basis since life is changing so much each day.  I am open to feedback and welcome input as this is a new platform for me. You can request movement themes also. 


Get you and your space ready: 

  • Ideally you should be able to make a snow angel on the ground without any obstruction.

  • Props: 

    • yoga mat

    • a towel or blanket folded for your head to rest on - pillows are not advised.

    • Have a chair nearby as well in case the lesson includes sitting or for use if some positions are better for you on a chair. 

  • Time: 

    • Make sure you have ~60 minutes time with the least amount of distraction i.e.. phone ringer on silent mode, you have gone to the WC recently. 

    • Feel welcome to stay in the meeting after the class to dialogue with the group about your experience.

  • Attire: 

    • Make sure you are wearing clothes that you are warm and comfortable in, i.e. no tight clothing that will restrict your movements. During lessons it’s common to get sleepy and or cold.


If you have never done an ATM lesson please read the following:

  • Instructions will be verbal, the practitioner will repeat actions multiple times.

  • The intent is to move slowly and make small movement with minimal effort or resistance.

  • Take breaks from the instructions when you feel discomfort, not only when the practitioner calls for a rest. This means listen to your needs and body. You can pause easily and rejoin once you have reflected and rested. You are responsible for your body, especially since I will not have visual contact of (all) the participants. 

If you have pain or pain while doing the movements:

  •  Imagining the movement is a strategy used in this method. Sometimes used for everyone, not just those with pain.

  • Do only the beginning of the movement action - there is sensorial information in the engagement and disengagement of action.

  • Try reducing the repetitions and or amplitude. The number of repetitions and the amplitude of the movement are not the measure of success. The strategies in this method include the importance of the beginning (or end) of a movement. Quality of movement is important, as is your comfort level. 

  • If one side hurts, try the other side, if this persists, do the lesson on the side the doesn't hurt and then imagine the movements when you approach the other side.

  • There may be an alternate position that is better suited to you, i.e. sitting on a chair versus sitting on the ground. The practitioner (may) make some suggestions that could help.

Thank you, see you soon, 


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(by attending this Zoom-meeting you're implied consent is assumed: I understand that Feldenkrais® is an inherently gentle process and that physical injury is rare. However, any movement practice has some inherent risk. I assume that risk myself. I agree to release the Practitioner, Erica Trivett, (and Fulcrum Health Centre) from liability for any personal injury that may result from my participation in online Awareness Through Movement® lessons)

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